Drug and Alcohol Education

The Hon. PAUL GREEN: My question is directed to the Minister for Ageing, and Minister for Disability Services, representing the Minister for Education. A report by the Australian National Council on Drugs released today surveyed 200 secondary school principals and found that binge-drinking and drug-taking are having a detrimental impact on schools and that teachers are spending significant amounts of classroom time dealing with the fallout of weekend parties. Given that drug and alcohol education already is being delivered as part of the curriculum, what specific actions is the Government taking to address this issue? How will the Government address the shortage of funds and human resources needed to properly address this increasing problem? Will there be expert representation in drug and alcohol issues on the new Board of Studies?

The Hon. JOHN AJAKA: I thank the Hon. Paul Green for that very important and very specific question. As a father of six children I am sure I speak for every single member of the Cabinet and member of the Government when I say in a spirit of bipartisanship that I have serious concerns about the continued welfare of our children at schools. I will refer the question to the Minister for Education, obtain an answer and provide the Hon. Paul Green with a response as soon as possible.