Coastal Management Bill 2016

Last week, I debated the Coastal Management Bill in the Upper House.  I have been contacted by many constituents in regards to this Bill, especially concerns regarding the lack of detail that has been provided in regards to the State environment planning policy (SEPP). I was able to place the concerns of those who contacted me on the public record.

It must also be acknowledged that the NSW coastline is comprised of many differing coastal ecosystems. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We live in a dynamic environment where each ecosystem responds differently to the coastal climate and weather conditions.

I raised concerns regarding the cost implications for Councils which have undertaken studies regarding the establishment of Coastal Management programs that may now be made redundant. These costs must be addressed in transitioning Coastal Management programs by the NSW Government.

The Federal Government must be aware if they establish certain policies in regards to climate change and its effects (including potential sea level rise) then Governments need to assist Local Councils with the cost of shifting and/or rebuilding any affected infrastructure (such as roads, utilities, and sewerage and water infrastructure).

Future management programs must provide risk management strategy that draw communities together to tackle this challenge holistically.

The Christian Democratic Party is well aware that dramatic changes to this legislation can adversely impact many families living along the New South Wales coast. We are committed to encouraging the Parliament to be mindful of the long-term impacts of the laws that may impact families in New South Wales.