In the past I have stated: Harm eradication is always preferable to harm minimisation. I have particularly made that statement in relation to childhood sexual abuse. It is better for the Government to spend less now to prevent a… Read More

Shine Program

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [7.01 p.m.]: I speak tonight on behalf of the Christian Democratic Party about an active solution that is helping young people to deal with the challenges they are faced with today. Victor Hugo wrote, “He… Read More

Mercy Ships

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [10.07 p.m.]: Tonight I speak on behalf of the Christian Democratic Party about Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships is an international faith-based organisation with a mission to increase access to health care throughout the world through… Read More


The Hon. PAUL GREEN [4.07 p.m.]: Since being formed as an Australian children’s charity in 1988 the Starlight Children’s Foundation has brightened the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families throughout Australia. It has also… Read More

Crime Statistics

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [5.37 p.m.]: I speak tonight about the recent publication entitled, “Australian crime: Facts and Figures: 2012”, which was released by the Australian Institute of Criminology. It is an extensive document and I encourage members… Read More

Philippines Typhoon Disaster

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [11.29 p.m.]: I dedicate this contribution to my daughter and her friend Eliza Becker, who came to the Parliament last week for work experience. They volunteered in my office and did a great job putting… Read More

Bravehearts Inc

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [6.17 p.m.]: Recently I had the privilege of attending the Bravehearts Inc. dinner held in Parliament House. It was a fantastic night and members of different parties took a great bipartisan approach, with about 59… Read More

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [4.14 p.m.]: I refer today to the current Gaza conflict. On Tuesday 20 November the following quote is recorded in Hansard: [Palestinians] are treated like dirt by the Israelis … How accurate is that statement? It… Read More

Christian Easter Celebration

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [6.25 p.m.]: Tonight I speak about the significance of Easter and why Christians commemorate this day. Easter is the most significant celebration in the year of a Christian. It is the time of year when… Read More

Palliative Care

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [3.54 p.m.]: Tonight I speak about Palliative Care NSW. Good palliative care does not take shortcuts with people’s lives or leave them suffering excruciating pain. That is bad or poor palliative care. Good palliative care… Read More