Assyrian New Year Celebration 2016

It was my pleasure to attend the 6766th Assyrian New Year celebrations in Fairfield on Sunday 3rd April and I would like to congratulate the Assyrian Universal Alliance for a wonderful occasion.

Assyrian New Year is a national festival of the Assyrian people that has been handed down through history from a remote past. To the Assyrian people, April is the beginning of spring. This is when nature wakes from winters sleep signifying the opportunities of new life and beginnings.

This year’s event was attended by more than 10,000 people, including Assyrian singers, dancing, food stalls, rides, games and fireworks.

Over recent years there has been an increasing level of Christian Assyrian migration to Australia. This is due to ongoing persecution of Assyrian minority groups in Iraq and Syria. My colleague Rev. the Hon Fred Nile has consistently brought the persecution of the Christian Assyrians to the attention of both the state and federal parliaments.

It was a great event! Michelle and I were pleased to be able to join the festivities.