• CDP Achievements

    Over the last five years, the Christian Democratic Party has been pivotal in helping NSW maintain its AAA Credit Rating and ensuring NSW become the number one economy in Australia. The Christian Democratic Party has a history of… Read More

  • Local Government Amendment (Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendations) Bill 2016

    The Christian Democratic Party is opposed to forced amalgamations. On Thursday 12th May, the Rev. the Hon. Fred Nile introduced a Bill that seeks to amend current Local Government legislation and takes on board the recommendations and findings… Read More

  • The Importance of Regional Jobs

    As the former Mayor of the Shoalhaven and as a Member of the Legislative Council for New South Wales (NSW) I understand the importance of regional jobs. In regional NSW it is much easier to keep a regional… Read More

  • Limitation Amendment (Child Abuse) Bill 2016.

    I was pleased to support the Limitation Amendment (Child Abuse) Bill 2016. The passing of this Act gives victims of Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse an opportunity to seek justice without the restriction of a time limit…. Read More

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology Amendment Bill 2016

    This amendment bill has made a number of important changes to the use of assisted reproductive technologies. Most importantly this bill is the beginning of a response to donor conceived persons (DCP’s), individuals conceived through IVF and other… Read More


    In the past I have stated: Harm eradication is always preferable to harm minimisation. I have particularly made that statement in relation to childhood sexual abuse. It is better for the Government to spend less now to prevent a… Read More

  • National Child Protection Week

    NATIONAL CHILD PROTECTION WEEK The Hon. PAUL GREEN [12.40 p.m.]: I move: That this House notes that: (a) National Child Protection Week is from 6 to 12 September 2015 and this year marks its twenty-fifth year anniversary; (b)… Read More


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National Child Protection Week – Debate

NATIONAL CHILD PROTECTION WEEK Debate resumed from 27 August 2015. Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE [10.01 a.m.]: I support this motion moved by my colleague the Hon. Paul Green. National Child Protection Week takes place from 6 to… Read More

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The Hon. PAUL GREEN [4.07 p.m.]: Since being formed as an Australian children’s charity in 1988 the Starlight Children’s Foundation has brightened the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families throughout Australia. It has also… Read More

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Crime Statistics

The Hon. PAUL GREEN [5.37 p.m.]: I speak tonight about the recent publication entitled, “Australian crime: Facts and Figures: 2012”, which was released by the Australian Institute of Criminology. It is an extensive document and I encourage members… Read More

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